Cement Production Plants

Our Cementos Moctezuma® division has three cement production plants with leading edge technology; they are strategically located to serve 95% of the country, and they are located in : Tepetzingo, Morelos; Cerritos, San Luis Potosí; and Apazapan, Veracruz.

Besides having the most innovative technology, we consume the least amount of electric power as part of the commitment to respect and care we have for the environment.


All the plants have equipment to avoid gas and dust emission to the atmosphere, as well as greenhouses for the rescue and preservation of local species, and residual water treatment plant.


At Cementos Moctezuma® we are proud to be the first and only company in Latin America to use state-of-the-art technology in all our plants.


All the products that we manufactured in Cementos Moctezuma® exceed the regulations stated by the National Organization of Regulation and Certification of Construction and Building, known as ONNCCE for its name in Spanish.

Cement Production Plants

Tepetzingo Plant

Carretera Tezoyuca – Tepetzingo km 1.9
Municipio de Emiliano Zapata, Morelos,
C.P. 62765
Tel. (777) 329 0900


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Cerritos Plant

Supercarretera San Luis Potosi –
Rioverde km 78
Estacion Montaña, Municipio Cerritos, S.L.P., C.P. 79402
Tel. (486) 863 0000


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Apazapan Plant

Conocido Predio “Campo de la Mora” Camino vecinal a Cerro Colorado km 1
Poblacion de Cerro Colorado, Municipio de Apazapan, Veracruz, C.P. 91645
Tel. (279) 822 6100 y (228) 141 0360


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