Our Three Plants of Cementos Moctezuma®

They are equipped with state of the art equipment to produce cement of the highest quality; and in a part of the production stages, we have unique procedures and equipment that allow us to be leaders in innovation.

State-of-the-art technology

Transport and crushing system

In our limestone quarry we have a system that allows us to unload material, through a well, directly into a crusher located in a vault; which allows us to reduce the consumption of energy and fuels for the transfer of materials from the quarry to its crushing. In addition, the emission of dust and noise to the environment is avoided.

Online analyzer

We have continuous gamma ray analyzers that allow us to monitor the raw material mixture minute by minute in order to control the established guidelines and maintain our quality levels in the raw mixture; same that, when fed to the oven, gives a very stable process, which allows us to produce and offer a cement with high quality standards to the consumer.

Grinding technology

The grinding process is responsible for a high percentage of the consumption of electrical energy in a cement plant; for this reason, we have invested in having grinding technologies that allow us to have electrical energy consumption of almost 30% below the value of the industry in Mexico and that allows us to rank among the most efficient worldwide.

The technology used in our plants makes us leaders in this area, since they consume the least amount of electrical energy per ton produced as part of our commitment, respect and care for the environment.

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