Our Three Plants of Cementos Moctezuma®

They are equipped with state of the art equipment to produce cement of the highest quality; and in a part of the production stages, we have unique procedures and equipment that allow us to be leaders in innovation.

The state-of-the-art equipments used are:

Glory Hole

Quarry extraction system, that allows us to look after the environment and reduce the visual impact as there is no fugitive dust emission. This system consists of a well at the foot of the extraction area where the material trucks are unloaded; hence the transportation is shorter (fuel saving). At the bottom of the well there is a breaking machine (avoids dust emission and environment noise) where the material is crushed, so it can be transported by belts through a tunnel and sent to a warehouse.

Gamma Metrics

Gamma rays continuous analyzer, that allows us to monitor minute by minute the raw materials mix, so we can control the established guidelines and keep our quality levels on the raw mix; which, once it is fed in the oven, gives a very stable process that allows us to produce and offer a cement with the highest standards of quality for the consumer.

Horomill Mills

Horizontal roller mills of high efficiency and low consumption of energy that allows us a better uniformity in the quality of our products. In traditional mills, the average consumption of cement grinding is 40Kwh/ton and 25 Kwh/ton in raw flour grind. In Horomill Mills, the average consumption is reduced up to 28 Khg/ton in cement and 13 Kwh/ton in raw flour.

The technology used in our plants results in considerable energy saving, as they consume the least electric power per produced ton as part of the commitment to respect and care for the environment.

Being committed with our environment, we make big investments in non-polluting systems with the objective of gathering the dust generated during the production process, which are reincorporated into the process and to be reused. We also have greenhouses for the rescue and preservation of local species, as well as a wastewater treatment plant.