Concrete designed with the necessary dosage



Our Plants

With Concretos Moctezuma® we are present in four regions. We have more than 30 plants where we manufacture any type of concrete required.


Quality Control laboratory

In our laboratory, each mix is designed with the best materials and the appropriate dosages to meet the needs of customers.

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Concrete Pumping Services

Through this service, in Concretos Moctezuma® we offer a greater quality in the supply of concrete and we reduce the time of its placement.

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Mobile Works Plants

They serve to be with the product in the place where a work is built; allowing us to offer an excellent level of service and greater satisfaction.

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Where to buy

If you are looking to buy Concreto Moctezuma® you can locate one of our plants and contact the commercial team.

Concrete of Puro Orgullo Mexicano®

As a corporation, we have a notable presence in the economic development of the country. Proof of this is that with Concretos Moctezuma® we have had the opportunity to participate in different infrastructure projects nationwide.

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