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  • In sewage treatment plants, drainage and underground works.
  • In elements subject to different chemical attacks from external agents such as sulphates, acids, salts, etc.; such is the case of coastal-marine areas, sulfated soils, etc.
  • In prefabricated elements, piles, beams, columns, slabs, etc. Any element that requires it to be designed for durability.

Technical information

  • Meets the Class 1 concrete specifications of the CDMX Construction Regulations; as well as with the NMX-C-155 Standard.
  • Specifically designed to be able to withstand different rates of attack from the external environment, from a light, medium and aggressive level.
  • Durable concrete provides specific support to decrease the permeability rate of the concrete to address specific issues such as reinforcing steel corrosion, carbonation, etc., as required.
  • Durable concrete is highly compliant with low levels of drying shrinkage, due to its low water/cement ratio nature.
  • Durable concrete is usually handled in terms of slump flow; that is, with an extensibility of at least 55 cm and greater, since it is part of the technical nature of this concrete with a low water/cement ratio. For any other specification, contact your Commercial Advisor.
  • Compressive strength in the entire possible range of structural concrete, from 250 kg/cm² to High Strength.
  • In maximum aggregate sizes of 10, 13 and 20 mm. For any other specification, contact your Commercial Advisor.


  • The life of the structures is significantly extended vs. structures where only one level of compressive strength is specified.
  • Together with other additional protection systems, it manages to extend the useful life of the structures in an extraordinary way for the use that will be given to it.
  • High compressive strength, equal to or greater than the specifications of a structural project.
  • Low permeability and drying shrinkage.
  • Fewer structure renovation cycles due to loss of useful life or service period; that is, fewer structure replacement cycles (casting - demolition due to loss of service - casting).
  • Benefits the environment by avoiding "discarding" structures and rebuilding them again; and, without a doubt, with the economic advantages that this implies.
  • High workability and better finishes, since it is usually handled in high flow rates of over 20 cm; and commonly with slump flow specification, greater than 55 cm.

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