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  • Moctezuma Flexural-Resistant MR concretes are designed to: withstand the structural demands that occur in industrial floors and pavements, facilitate the finishing process and provide excellent behavior and performance throughout its useful life.
  • MR concrete is designed to be used specifically in pavement and flooring applications and to have less drying shrinkage than ordinary conventional concrete.
  • Due to its properties, this family of concretes is the best option for the construction of any type of industrial floor (warehouses, stores, parking lots) or pavement (shunting yards, streets, highways, etc.).
  • It is possible to manage the addition of polypropylene or metallic fibers in different dosages, according to the design of the pavement or floor in particular. MR Low Shrinkage concretes offer extensive control of concrete drying shrinkage for high specification projects.

Technical information

  • The most frequent values of Modulus of Rupture (Flexural Strength) NMX-C-191-ONNCCE range from a value of MR = 38 kg/cm² to 50 kg/cm².
  • Slumps from 10 cm (direct shot) to 14 cm (direct shot). In very studied cases, the use of another slump can be analyzed.
  • 40mm and 20mm TMNA.
  • Unit Mass (NMX-C-162-ONNCCE). The Unit Mass of the concrete and the Modulus of Elasticity (NMX-C-128-ONNCCE) comply with the quality of Structural Concrete Class 1.
  • Historically, concrete is limited to complying with the permissible contraction requirements of the NTCDDF and regulations derived from it in the interior of the Republic; where drying shrinkages of no more than 1,000 millionths are specified for Class 1 concrete.
  • Low Shrinkage MR concretes meet the maximum drying shrinkage specification of 600 millionths at 84 days, evaluated under the conditions of Standard NMX-C-173-ONNCCE.
    Note: if you require particular specifications of the Shrinkage by drying, approach Moctezuma’s professionals.


  • Drying contraction, controlled through rigorous measurements in accordance with the current NMX-C-173-ONNCCE Standard.
  • Better performance, in control and construction joints, by having smaller volumetric changes, reducing the risk of chipping. Less warping compared to traditional concrete.
  • Increases the durability of the concrete by reducing the w/c ratio. Greater Abrasion Resistance due to the inherent properties of low contraction, obtaining: more durable and resistant surfaces, lower maintenance costs and greater rolling comfort.

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