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  • Moctezuma Flexural-Resistant MR concretes are designed to: withstand the structural demands that occur in industrial floors and pavements, facilitate the finishing process and provide excellent behavior and performance throughout its useful life.
  • MR concrete is designed to be used specifically in pavement and flooring applications and to have less drying shrinkage than ordinary conventional concrete.
  • Due to its properties, this family of concretes is the best option for the construction of any type of industrial floor (warehouses, stores, parking lots) or pavement (shunting yards, streets, highways, etc.).
  • It is possible to manage the addition of polypropylene or metallic fibers in different dosages, according to the design of the pavement or floor in particular. MR Low Shrinkage concretes offer extensive control of concrete drying shrinkage for high specification projects.

Technical information

  • The most frequent NMX-C-191-ONNCCE Modulus of Rupture (Flexural Strength) values range from a value of MR = 38 kg/cm² to 50 kg/cm².
  • The most used slumps are 10 cm (direct shot), 12 cm (direct shot) and 14 cm (pumpable, in well-studied cases).
  • TMNA are 40mm and 20mm.
  • Unit Mass (NMX-C-162-ONNCCE). The Unit Mass of the concrete is a function of the type of materials used and the mix design of each concrete. The Unit Mass values for these concretes comply with the specifications of NMX-C-155-ONNCCE.
  • Modulus of Elasticity (NMX-C-128-ONNCCE). The value of the Modulus of Elasticity is based on the characteristics of the mix design and the characteristics of the materials used in each locality, having a high compliance with this regulatory parameter.
  • Drying Shrinkage measured according to Standard NMX-C-173-ONNCCE, in accordance with what is defined by the Standard for Class 1 Structural concrete.


  • It is formulated to facilitate placement and finishing operations. Synthetic fibers help control plastic cracking if it occurs.

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