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  • Moctezuma concretes belonging to the High Performance family are made to meet the demands of high specification projects.
  • Where the use of concrete with High Strength and Ultra Accelerated performance is required, strictly adhering to the provisions of the complementary Technical Standards of the DDF (Standards derived from the Construction Regulations of the DF), expanding its use in different entities of the country and fully complying with the technical requirements established therein.
  • The use of these concretes is where it is required to structurally optimize buildings or accelerate construction processes, such as: prefabricated, accelerated housing, structural elements of any type (columns, foundations, walls), etc.
  • Limitations**: in structures designed with a ductility factor Q, equal to 4; and in members subject to flexocompression that are part of frames that resist more than 50% of seismic actions and whose design axial load Pu is greater than 0.2 PR0. Where PR0 is the design resistant axial load, only concrete with f'c values up to 55 MPa (550 kg/cm²) can be used.

**Consult with the Structural Engineer of the project.


Technical information

High Strength and Ultra Accelerated Concretes Uses

Physical / mechanical property High Strength and Ultra Accelerated
Volumetric weight, in kg/m3 Higher to 2,200
Compressive strength, in kg/cm2 Equal to or higher than 400 kg/cm² after 28 days (or ultra-accelerated resistance less than 400 kg/cm² within hours of manufacture)
Specific gravity of the aggregate thickness used, in g/cm3 Higher to 2.6 **
Elastic modulus in kg/cm2
Elastic Modulus at 28 days of age, in kg/cm², minimum
High Strength and Ultra Accelerated
  Limeston¹ Basalt¹
Any sample 8,500 √ f’ c + 84,800 8,500 √ f’ c + 33,200
Average of all consecutive sets of samples 8,500 √ f’ c + 101,100 8,500 √ f’ c + 44,100
1 Coarse Aggregate
CDrying contraction, in millionths Less or equal to 1,000
  • ** Concretos Moctezuma manufactures High Strength concrete with the best coarse aggregates to exceed the specification, using an aggregate of limestone or basalt origin.
  • MASSIVE High Strength concretes may require temperature control considerations, as well as exploit the greater benefit of High Strength by considering a broader strength compliance days specification (56 or 90 days). Approach Moctezuma’s professionals.
  • Resistances from 400 kg/cm² to 800 kg/cm². If you require greater resistance, contact the professionals of Moctezuma, we have an alternative for your project. Guarantee ages of 28, 56 and 90 days. Concrete consistency, from 18 cm slumps to slump flow values.
  • In Ultra and High Resistance concrete, resistance is achieved in hours, in a wide range of alternatives for your project. Consult with your professional at Concretos Moctezuma.


  • Ideal for projects in which a structural optimization of elements is sought; and to grant, among other benefits, greater free spaces of m² of the buildings, through achieving less slenderness in elements such as columns, walls, etc.
  • High-strength concretes consequently provide higher elastic moduli than concretes and inherently greater durability of concretes (longer useful life of the structure), in all senses vs. concrete of better f'c; as well as, in some cases, semi-self-compact properties when fresh, obtaining elements of superior quality.

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