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  • In structures with reduced sections or densely reinforced.
  • Where the finish of the element is paramount and a higher level finish is required, such as architectural elements, where the aim is to maintain the texture with which the formwork was designed.
  • In prefabricated elements, with normal reinforcing steel, prestressed or post-tensioned, where the aim is to minimize the detailing of the element, after stripping, such as beams and columns.
  • In molds or modular forms of complex sections, where a highly fluid concrete is required and with difficult access to vibration by traditional means.

Technical information

  • The fluidity of concrete is measured by slump flow or extensibility, in values from 55 to 75 cm; without the concrete being compromised due to segregation issues due to its high fluidity.
  • Maximum nominal size of the coarse aggregate of 10 and 13 mm. Although the use of a 19 mm aggregate is not possible. This must be studied as a particular case through your Commercial Advisor.
  • Meets Class 1 concrete specification; or, it is possible to study a particular case if it is required as Class 2.
  • Values of resistance to compression from 200 kg/cm² to High Resistance.
  • Usual guarantee ages of 3, 7, 14, and 28 days, or any different ages that the project requires.


  • High workability and fluidity that allows minimizing the use of mechanical equipment for the accommodation of concrete.
    Note: It is always important to evaluate each particular case to determine if minimal vibration is necessary, either through an immersion vibrator or impact vibration on the outside of the formwork, especially in the low extensibility ranges.
  • Reduces concrete placement time, saving human resources and equipment for the benefit of project profitability.
  • Minimizes subsequent patching or repair actions, which usually continue in elements cast with ordinary concrete, after stripping; with the benefit of the profitability of the project.
  • Ideal for elements where an apparent finish is sought.
  • It tends to present properties close to self-leveling, which facilitates leveling processes.

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