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Olla Huichol - - - Mortero larga vida


  • In gluing block, partition, plastered, grouted, flattened, etc.; and for when the use of a Premixed Mortar is required, delivered on site and that can be used during extended periods of time in the work day.

Technical information

  • Slump from 18, 20 and 22 cm.
  • Compression resistance from 100 kg/cm² to 150 kg/cm²; and, in the case of Structural Mortar, up to a resistance of 180 kg/cm². All at the age of 28 days, unless a particular specification is required.
  • Stabilization time of its long life, from 4 hours to 8 hours.
  • It is possible and desirable to adjust the performance of the Long Life Mortar, according to the particular needs of the work, such as cohesion, fluidity, fineness of the fine aggregate, etc. To meet your requirement in a better way, consult with your Commercial Advisor.
  • It is foreseeable that during its useful life, the Mortar will lose fluidity within the acceptable parameters of normative use, but always maintaining great workability.
  • It is important to meet certain care provisions of the Long Life Mortar to obtain the best performance of the product. To obtain the best recommendations in this regard, contact the Moctezuma Technical Department.


  • Reduces the amount of waste when preparing it on site.
  • Pre-mixed quality mortar, which allows a uniform quality, unlike the Mortar made on site.
  • After it has been placed, it sets as normal.
  • Avoids great waste of time and material, as when it is made on site.
  • Eliminates large storage spaces for masonry or cement mortar, as well as sand, for when it is manufactured on site.
  • Some coloring can be added to obtain finishes in the same event.

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