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Corporate Events

We make our Corporate Events available to our shareholders, the investing public and interested parties in general.

You can select them according to the type or the year in which they were issued.

Verification Statutes 2021 (Spanish)
Best Practices Code 2021 (Spanish)
Assembly Agreements 12-apr-2021 (SPANISH)
Calls Assemblies 11-Mar-2021 (Spanish)
Assembly Agreements 2-Dec-2020 (Spanish)
Calls Assemblies 9-Nov-2020 (Spanish)
Copyright Notice 4-Jun-2018 (Spanish)
Copyright Notice 30-Nov-2018 (Spanish)
Copyright Notice 5-Apr-2019 (Spanish)
Copyright Notice 29-Nov-2019 (Spanish)
Copyright Notice 10-Jun-2020 (Spanish)
Calls Assemblies 15-Mar-2018 (Spanish)
Calls Assemblies 30-Oct-2018 (Spanish)
Calls Assemblies 19-Mar-2019 (Spanish)
Calls Assemblies 12-Nov-2019 (Spanish)
Calls Assemblies 11-Mar-2020 (Spanish)
Assembly Agreements 7-Apr-2020 (Spanish)
Assembly Agreements 29-Nov-2019 (Spanish)
Assembly Agreements 5-Apr-2019 (Spanish)
Assembly Agreements 30-Nov-2018 (Spanish)
Assembly Agreements 12-Apr-2018 (Spanish)
Copyright Notice 12-Apr-2018 (Spanish)
Assembly Agreements 22-Nov-2018 (Spanish)
Copyright Notice 22-Nov-2017 (Spanish)
Calls Assemblies 22-Nov-2017 (Spanish)
Copyright Notice 29-Jun-2017 (Spanish)
Verification Statutes 2017 (Spanish)
Copyright Notice 6-Apr-2017 (Spanish)
Copyright Notice 4-Apr-2017 (Spanish)
Assembly Agreements 4-Apr-2017 (Spanish)
Calls Assemblies 4-Apr-2017 (Spanish)
Assembly Agreements 7-Dec-2016 (Spanish)
Copyright Notice 7-Dec-2016 (Spanish)
Calls Assemblies 7-Dec-2016 (Spanish)
Assembly Agreements 7-Apr-2016 (Spanish)
Copyright Notice 7-Apr-2016 (Spanish)
Calls Assemblies 7-Apr-2016 (Spanish)
Copyright Notice 25-Nov-2015 (Spanish)
Assembly Agreements 25-Nov-2015 (Spanish)
Calls Assemblies 25-Nov-2015 (Spanish)
Best Practices Code 2015 (Spanish)
Copyright Notice 17-Apr-2015 (Spanish)
Assembly Agreements 17-Apr-2015 (Spanish)
Calls Assemblies 17-Apr-2015 (Spanish)
Best Practices Code 2014 (Spanish)
Verification Statutes 2014 (Spanish)