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Administration of Our Company

The administration our Company is responsibility of the Board of Directors, supported in its operation by the Chief Executive Officer.

Our Board is constituted according to the corresponding corporate laws, and it is formed by eight proprietary members, four of which have the feature of being independent.


Proprietary Board Members
Proprietary Advisors Substitute Advisors
Julio Rodriguez Izquierdo Ignacio Manuel Machimbarrena Gutierrez
Enrico Buzzi Luigi Buzzi
Pietro Buzzi Benedetta Buzzi
Salvador Fernandez Capo Jorge Bonnin Bioslada

Code of Conduct

At Corporacion Moctezuma we are committed to conducting all business with respect, honesty, legality and integrity.

Our Code of Ethical Conduct establishes the fundamental principles and standards that guide the ethical behavior of the company and of employees, directors, shareholders, suppliers and customers when conducting business.

For more information, consult our Code and the Basic Guides that we have created for a better understanding of it.

Corporate Policies

Learn about some of the most relevant Corporate Policies for Corporacion Moctezuma, which are aimed at strict compliance with the legislation applicable to the company, as well as with the ethical standards and best practices of Corporate Governance.

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