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Growth and Modernization of Our Facilities

In our business strategy, our corporation reinvests profits in the growth and modernization of our facilities. Check the amounts since 2013.

An essential element of Corporacion Moctezuma®'s business strategy has been reinvesting profits in the growth and modernization of our production facilities, simultaneously we paid cash dividends to our shareholders.


The investments made have allowed us to increase the production capacity of cement, by building two new plants, expanding their capacity through new production lines and the maintenance and modernization of equipment with state-of-the-art technology that meets all regulations in force.

Important investments have also been made in the Concretes Division in modern concrete plants and in the renewal of its vehicle fleet of truck mixers.



The investments described below have been financed, almost entirely, with its own resources arising from the cash flow from regular operations, so the company remains free of liabilities with cost.

Year the investment was made Amount invested in Millions $
2017 592
2018 364
2019 582
2020 484
2021 412
2022 678


If you want to consult the history of the Investment Report to the Shareholders of Corporación Moctezuma®, S.A.B. de C.V.


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