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Competitive and transparent company

At Corporación Moctezuma®, given our commitment to be a transparent and compatible company, we have partners, affiliations and program registrations, we list them below.

Mexican Stock Exchange

Financial entity that offers integral services for the operation and development of markets, supported by their human capital and advanced technology; always searching to increase the value for its shareholders.

Cement National Chamber

Consulting and collaboration body in all related to the needs, requirements, programs, and activities that favor the competitiveness and development of the National Industry of Cement, hence, the country. It represents, promotes, and defends the general interests of the national industry of cement, of the companies that form part of it and it also contributes to the defense of the particular interests of its affiliates.

Cement and Concrete Mexican Institute

Non-profit association devoted to research, teach, and promote the application techniques of cement and concrete. Its mission is to promote the optimal use of cement and concrete to satisfy the needs of the market with quality, productivity, and promptness; contributing to the improvement of professional performance, the development, and the economic benefit of the industry, as well as that of society.

National Chamber for the Development and Promotion of the Housing Industry

Organization that represents more than 80% of companies and businessmen devoted to the promotion of housing in Mexico, through 34 delegations in the country. It promotes joint work with authorities, institutes, and private organizations to contribute with the promotion of policies for urban planning and sustainable living development.

Mexican Association of Premix Concrete Industry

It is a trade organization, which essential purpose is the representation and promotion of the premix concrete industry, as well as for actions that contribute to its development, use, and professionalization.

Independent Mexican Concrete Manufacturers Association A.C.

Civil association made up by companies devoted to the production and commercialization of premix concrete.

Power Saving Trusteeship

Organization committed with the efficient use of power in Mexican society, through promotion, awareness, and education.

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