Reliable and capable people

At Corporacion Moctezuma® we are directed by reliable and capable people, committed with the objectives and vision of the Company.

Jose Maria Barroso
Chief Executive Officer
Luis Rauch
Financial Director
Miguel Angel Gomez

Cement Sales Director

Ioannis Karidis

Concrete Director

Gerardo Gabriel Gonzalez

Human Resources and Industrial Relations Director

Jesus Navarro

Legal Director

Marco Grugnetti

Internal Audits Director

Isidro Ramirez

Technical Director

Alejandro del Castillo

Logistics Director

José Alejandro Salinas

Supply Director

Secondino Quaglia

Tepetzingo, Morelos Plant Director

Octavio Senties

Cerritos, S.L.P. Plant Director

Miguel Angel Medina

Apazapan, Ver. Plant Director