With the second Production Line, our Apazapan Plant has an installed capacity of 2.75 million tons of cement per year.

At Cementos Moctezuma®, we continue to make progress and with the objective of expanding our market coverage in the South and Southeast part of the country, on January 26, 2017, we carried out the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the operational start-up of the second production line in the Apazapan, Veracruz Plant took place, which construction required the work of approximately 1,800 people and an investment of over 150 million dollars.

We completed the project in record time, beginning in February 2015 and ending in January 2017.

With this, our Apazapan Plant now has an installed capacity of 2.75 million tons of cement per year, just like Cerritos Plant in San Luis Potosi; while Tepetzingo Plant, in Morelos, has a capacity of 2.5 million tons per year. This translates into a total installed capacity of 8 million tons of cement per year.

Currently, our three cement production plants, strategically located, allow us to serve 95% of the country.

It is very important to mention that, like its sister plants, Apazapan Plant is completely automated and has state-of-the-art technology that allows a lower energy consumption per each ton of produced cement.

With this second Production Line in the Apazapan Plant, we continue to work towards A new Mexico in Construction, as we maintain a highly competitive level within the construction industry, in addition to boosting the economic development of the state and the region.

During the event, we had the presence of Mr. Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares, Constitutional Governor of Veracruz; Mr. Efraín González Flores, Municipal Constitutional President of the Municipality of Apazapan; Fabrizio Donegà, Chief Executive Officer of Corporacion Moctezuma® as well as local authorities, clients, community representatives, and Cementos Moctezuma® staff.


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