At Concretos Moctezuma we started operating the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant of ready-mixed concrete, now the most important of the country and Latin America.

As part of our consolidation plan and with the purpose of expanding our coverage and meeting the demands of our clients in Mexico City, we started operations at Central Plant.

Our Concretos Moctezuma® division, is the third most important company of the concrete sector in Mexico. We are a world class company and socially responsible, committed with our country's development.

This has encouraged us to carry out an investment project on new technology that will allow us to increase of our market share in the metropolitan area of Mexico City. This project consisted of the construction of a new producing plant of ready-mixed concrete, with an initial capacity of over 200 cubic meters per hour.

Worried to maintain the quality of our produced concrete, as well as high efficiency in procedures without harming the environment, we established a high standard on the design of this plant, considering functionality, operative convenience, ease of maintenance.

As well as reducing environmental impact by reducing water consumption through an innovative water recycling system for washing mixer units; we also have a rain water collection and storage system, with which an important reduction in water consumption is archived.

Additionally to the aforementioned technology, we have established some improvements and adjustments by adapting this technology to the reality of the market. All this thanks to the experience of Mexican Engineers that have contributed to making our Central Plant the most cutting-edge and environmentally sustainable plant of Mexico and Latin America.


This vertical plant, same as all of Concretos Moctezuma®, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, where ready-mix concrete equipment stands out, it assures a better quality for the user; its thermal and acoustic isolation make this plant one of the cleanest ones today; the storage system in superior silos is completely automated; its concrete recycling system reduces a high percentage of the water demand of the plant; it has a collection and use of rain water system; three unloading points, which allow it to produce up to three types of concrete almost simultaneously.

Vertical concrete plants have had success for some years now with multiple applications and success cases all over the world, in very different countries like Andorra, Algeria, Ecuador, United States, Canada, Russia, Italy, Spain, etc.

The main concept is based in a low-cost price, high quality produced concrete and a minimum corrosion of material.

The modular system of aggregate storage enables solutions that help producing between 150 and 200 m³/h of concrete, a 36 m high production and storage tower with 6 aggregate hoppers, 6 silos and cement storage capacity of 480 tons, a horizontal mixer of 2.5 m³ and two concrete dosage lines, as well as a bucket chain for the transportation of aggregates.

The vertical structure of our Central Plant with raw materials guarantees a high productive performance and a high storage volume of raw materials. Due to its tower structure, the land required for its construction is minimal.

Additionally to the state-of-the-art technology used for concrete production, in Central Plant we have a filling control system that prevents over stock of material, as well as excessive storage that could cause breakdowns. With the mixing system we have a better quality in concrete production, allowing the manufacture of special concrete.

The urban surroundings where our Central Plant is located is a very populated environment, reason why we made one of the best improvements, the isolation of noise emission of the aggregate elevation area was. With this acoustical isolation we achieved the reduction of up to 60% noise emission, resulting in a more silent and friendly environment.

Another improvement is that we have been able to avoid the emission of dust from the Production Tower, decreasing up to 95% of emission of these.

One of the most important supplies for concrete manufacture is water. The use of water for concrete production causes a great demand. Aware of this, we carried out the acquisition of a recycling system for washing water that will allow the reduction of water consumption, as well as the recovery of aggregates.

This system has a completely hot-dip galvanized worm gear that is used for separating water from aggregates and a water storage geared with a stirring bar that keeps fine residues in water suspended.

The rainwater recovery system will allow storing up to 110,000 liters that can be used in concrete manufacture as well as in the production area services.

The additive system is a redundant system that ensures the conduction of up to 9 different aggregates to the production area, widening the range of concrete that can be produced.

In Concretos Moctezuma®, in view of our 35th anniversary and aware of how symbolic this concrete manufacturing plant is for the company and for the city, we decided to break the mold and create a unique design for all the facades of the plant, as well as the silos and production tower.

This design has already been present for several years in all the mixer units of the metropolitan area of Mexico City and in a large amount of other business units of the company.

Nevertheless, it is the first concrete manufacturing plant in the country that will have art works painted in silos and facades that, besides breaking paradigms, will try to make harmonious an industrial with an urban environment by highlighting the characteristics of the area, as well as transmitting an integral message of environmental care and sustainability.

With over 8 months of hard work assembling and defining the project, Central Plant is now a reality. We created not only thinking of high levels of concrete production and great provisions, but also with the eternal commitment of Concretos Moctezuma® with the environment and society, believing in the growth of Mexico and the City, as well as in the creation and generation of jobs in the area.

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