The project was supervised by our Laboratory Quality team, ISO 9000; and the Technical and Concrete Engineering areas of Concretos Moctezuma®.

In our Calibration Laboratory we have a professional and responsible team able to offer you services for the calibration of compression essays.

As part of the strengthening of Concretos Moctezuma®, we have achieved the Calibration Laboratory Accreditation in the scope of 98.78 kN – 882.60 kN before “EMA” (Mexican Accreditation Entity, A.C., for its acronyms in Spanish), in the month of May of the present year.

The Mexican Accreditation Entity, A.C. is the first privately owned company in our country, which aims to accredit Agencies with Conformity Assessment, such as testing laboratories, calibration laboratories, clinical laboratories, verification units (inspection bodies) and certification bodies, proficiency testing suppliers and greenhouse gas emission verification/validation bodies (GHG SVO).

With this accreditation, in Concretos Moctezuma® we completed one of the most important stages of a project that saw its origins formally in 2011, where the priority was that through the Quality Control area, we meet the calibration needs of the compression presses in our concrete plants. This to increase the reliability of results and cost control issued to our customers, without neglecting the quality.

This project was supervised by our Laboratory Quality team, ISO 9000; as well as the Technical and Engineering Area, to form an Calibration Laboratory with autonomous operation and system, thus eliminating the possibility of conflict of interest.

Our customers have the certainty that the measuring equipment (compression presses, located at each of the plants), is calibrated in compliance with all the requirements of the standard ISO /IEC 17025. The press is the most important measuring equipment in the ready-mixed concrete business, as we measure the resistance of the concrete delivered in every work.

It is important to share with you that since May 22, 2013 all the our activities have been based on its Quality Management System, which has the EMA (Mexican Accreditation Entity, A.C.) accreditation F-55.

Its accredited scope is:

Magnitude Type of Instrument Scope or point of measure Equivalencies
Force Universal machines for force measuring (compression) 5 kN a 1 MN 509.855 kg to 101 971 kg

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This is how in Concretos Moctezuma® we keep working in pursuit of the quality for being part of a New Mexico under construction.

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