Quality Control looks for granting our customers satisfaction in all the supplies of Concretos Moctezuma®.

Our work at Concretos Moctezuma® is a synonym of constant challenges and lessons, so we have set out to implement the Centralized Laboratories. With this, we search to broaden the knowledge of concrete, being part of a constant evolution that benefits our customers and that continues to place us as an option of quality and excellency.

Throughout our history, we have learned and established a unique quality standard where the concrete produced today is not the same as tomorrow's, as any of its components may vary. This is one of the challenges our Centralized Laboratories currently face for making better products.

The objective is that the concretes we produced in Corporacion Moctezuma® are adjusted to the needs of our customers and to evolve along with the demands of the climate, environment, urbanization, etc.

In the Centralized Laboratories we made resistance reports, which are extremely important as they support that the concretes produces comply with the customer's requirements. Internally, this information provides feedback to the people in charge of adjusting the concrete's designs to modify or adjust the formulas for optimizing the results.

For our final users this is a guarantee, as all the building works depend on great measure on the concrete complying with the required resistance.

In the Laboratories, we made tests for the aggregates, fresh and hardened cement, besides constantly monitoring the development of resistances reached by their concretes or its adjustment and optimization.

We also have a Design and Development area where we made tests required for granting compliance with the customer's specifications for special concretes.

Since last year we started the new Centralized Laboratories scheme in some cities where the company is present. With this, we look to minimize deviations on results (mainly resistances) and a better control over aggregates that enter their plants.

The Centralized Laboratories currently operating are:

  • Vallejo: serves the Eulalia Guzman and Xalostoc plants
  • Central: serves the Iztapalapa and Los Reyes plants
  • Atizapán: serves the Coacalco and Teoloyucan plants
  • Lerma: serves the Bosque Real, Huixquilucan, and Toluca plants
  • Tlaquepaque: serves the Zapopan and San Agustin plants
  • Framboyanes: will serve the Conchal and API plants (will start operations shortly)

To comply with the planned objectives we have proficient, committed, and highly qualified staff, supported by the fact that 60% of the lab technicians have the ACI Certification "Grade I Concrete Test Technician" nationwide.

In the Metropolitan area, we have four laboratories accredited by the EMA (Mexican Accreditation Entity, A.C.): Vallejo (valid from 09-12-11), Central (valid from 18-12-14), Atizapan (valid from 18-05-16) and Lerma (valid from 26-01-17)

Our commitment with quality is a reality. In 2013, our Calibration Laboratory was certified before the EMA (Mexican Accreditation Entity, A.C.) and since then, our aim has been to improve it.

This 2015 we increased the calibrated scope, going from 500 kg to 100 t, this has allow us to meet the demands of all the presses of Corporacion Moctezuma®, as the calibration service, both form the concrete presses as well as the cement ones, is now offered to external customers..

Another of our areas that are part of the Quality Control Management is Technical Support, with the important duty of:

  • Address doubts and give recommendations for our customers.
  • Supervise works with highly qualified personnel.
  • Provide technical an in-site support.
  • Recommend the most convenient product for the customer in the building process of his work.
  • Provide technical training for customers and the company's staff.

We are certain that we are going on the right track, joining efforts with the different areas of the company and working with quality.

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