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We will convert waste into alternative fuel for use in our Cerritos Plant!

Today, within the framework of World Environment Day, at Corporacion Moctezuma we are filled with Puro Orgullo Mexicano because we have taken a great step to continue working to reduce our environmental impact.

We have a new Alliance, we signed a 10-year contract with Veolia México, a company specialized in sustainability projects that has been operating in our country for more than 25 years.

Veolia México will build an Alternative Fuel Formulation (FCA) plant in San Luis Potosí that will make it possible to convert industrial waste from the region into alternative fuel for the Cerritos plant. For our part, we also make strong investments to be able to receive this alternative fuel and feed it to our process efficiently and under all the necessary environmental and safety controls.

The plant will comply with the Mexican environmental standard, in addition to international standards.

During the first year of operation, we expect to co-process 10,000 tons of alternative fuel, a number that will change little by little until reaching 40 thousand tons per year.

The co-processing of waste as an alternative fuel generates multiple benefits in environmental and social issues, since it is possible to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels due to the thermal energy provided by the alternative fuel, in addition to ensuring that the waste will receive adequate management. according to national regulations.

Through these actions, at Corporacion Moctezuma we reaffirm our commitment to significantly reduce our environmental impact every year and we will always continue to do so.

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