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Social development

For almost 20 years we have carried out important activities aimed at the development of the communities surrounding our cement plants; activities that have allowed us to be recognized as a company that makes various efforts that impact on the improvement of living conditions for its inhabitants.

Today we develop various programs that are recognized by the interest groups to whom we direct them, seeing with pleasure a greater acceptance and how these programs have contributed to change the lives of the beneficiaries.

We work with local authorities and community leaders to identify support needs and jointly collaborate to achieve the improvement of the items that we identify as priorities.

Among the activities carried out we can highlight:

Health Fairs

It is one of our icon programs , with which we bring preventive health services to the people of the municipalities of Tepetzingo, Cerritos and Apazapan, as well as the nearby communities.

With the Health Fair, specialty medical consultations are provided, analysis for detection of diseases that may vary depending on the institution that supports them and the specialization focus of the event. And, depending on the dates of its completion, vaccines are also applied.

It is important to mention that this is one of the recurring programs that were carried out year after year; However, since the beginning of the pandemic generated by COVID-19 we have been unable to do so due to the regulatory restrictions of agglomerations and social isolation.

Support to Education
Sports Promotion
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