At Concretos Moctezuma® we are committed with our clients, we have the conviction to continue transcending as a responsible company.

In our company we have been characterized for covering the needs and expectations of our clients, and the project of the Herdez Distribution Center, located in Teoloyucan, Estado de Mexico, was not the exception.

We collaborated with Grupo Caisa and Desarrollos Confianza, the two companies responsible for the project, which gave us their trust knowing of our human and infrastructure capacity.

Currently, we have supplied more than 15,000 m³, among which the massive supply of a mega slab with a volume of 3,450 m³ was made; it required concrete supply of the following characteristics: f´c 300 Kg/cm³ at 28 days normal, aggregate 20 mm, 10-12 cm low contraction at 600 millionth, class 1 reinforced slump.

The concrete used in the mega slab is a special design for a platform with the following dimensions: 33.31 m width by 185 m long, with a thickness of 65cm, as well as different elements such as rainwater tank with capacity of 5,500 m³, cistern with capacity of 2,500 m³, industrial floors and pavements with various characteristics.

These facts prove that in Concretos Moctezuma® we are committed with our customers and we have the certainty to continue transcending as a responsible and capable company.

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