We renewed the image of our main Cementos Moctezuma® product, moving on to one that helped us improve our market presence.

After 10 years, we renewed the image of our main product. We changed it to a inspired in Mexican pre-Hispanic motives.

The Mexican market has been characterized for being too competitive; and the purchase decision of the final consumer (self-builders, master builders, builders, etc.) is influenced in great measure by the brand and cultural identity of the cement.

For this reason, the packing is a powerful promotion dissemination, and sales tool that can become a competitive advantage for differentiating the products from that of the competition.

As a result of the latter, we decided to completely renew the image of the bags of the different products it markets, considering the main basis the "Mexicanity" and the historic ancestry of its name: Moctezuma, who was the supreme Aztec emperor during the pre-Columbian period.

All this lines up with the design of Mexican motives which are also painted in our mixer units of Concertos Moctezuma®. This clearly translates in a unique competitive advantage for our corporation with respect to the rest of competitors in Mexico.

With this change, the image we project of Cementos Moctezuma® in the market is that of national pride and leading company.

The graphic elements of the Aztec culture in which we are inspired for the three designs are:

  • Quetzalcoatl, which literally means feathered serpent, was considered the supreme deity, used for the CPC 30 in all its versions
  • The Royal Eagle, symbol of courage and power, as well as good omen, used for the Mortar
  • The Coyote, wild animal, considered the god of war, used for White Cement

By depicting the pre-Hispanic elements in the bags, at Cementos Moctezuma® we evoke Mexicanity, belonging, pride, strength and originality in the market; a milestone in the Mexican industry.

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