It is one of the most important construction works of the continent and we work on it.

At Concretos Moctezuma® we are characterized by taking part of the most important works of the country; reason why we work along with Carso Infrastructure and Construction (CICSA) in the construction of the new East Emission Tunnel (TEO for its name in Spanish), one of the most important construction works of the continent.

The TEO emerged because currently the sewage capacity of Mexico City is insufficient and it has serious problems. It is enough to compare the capacity it had en 1975 with what it has now a days which is 30% less with almost twice the population.

This decrease is mainly due to the regular sinking of Mexico City, caused by the over-exploitation of the water tables of the valley of Mexico City.

To solve the problem of the sewage system from its origin, it is necessary to build a new, deeper one: the East Emission Tunnel, 62 kilometers long, and seven meters of diameter.

This monumental engineering work will allow the city to have a supplementary and alternative exit to the Central Outlet, which with lessen the risk of flooding of Mexico City and suburban areas, providing safety to 20 million inhabitants.

On rain season, it will work in a simultaneous way with the current sewage and, during dry seasons it will work alternatively to make easier its maintenance.

The East Emission Tunnel will be finished in four years and will be able to carry an average of 150 cubic meters per second. It will start on the second port of the Interceptor Tunnel of the Remedios River and it will continue up to flowing into the El Salto River; near the current existing portal of the Central Outlet, in Hidalgo.

The Ex-President, Felipe Calderon, announced the construction of the East Emission Tunnel and the treatment plant of Atotonilco in March 2010 in the Endho reservoir located in the state of Hidalgo, responding to a long term commitment with the environment, health, safety, and better quality of life for the farmers in Hidalgo.

In order to achieve this, the Federal Government assigned at that moment two thousand 500 million pesos of the expenses budget for beginning the project. The total cost is estimated to be 12 billion pesos.

Works of this importance require excellence in the planning and supplies of the same level, with which Concretos Moctezuma makes evident the reliability of our products for great works.

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